Baby Jordan Sneaker Collection Update

are you two back again this time with some baby heat pickups I don’t just pick up for myself can’t be greedy like that I got a little guy so you know hook him up also anybody hasn’t checked out already I have a baby collection baby Jordan heat sneaker collection up already check that out some good stuff there these are pickups that I’ve made since I made that video so I’m just gonna run through them pretty quickly here.

we go first one here cool gray nines in watts 2002 I wish I had a pair in my size he’s a size to see the little guy cool gray nines like them great colorway is always sick and sex you move an ogee style here Oh G infrared sixes with the infamous Nike on the back baby og sixes I had these , cheap jordan 11,when I was a kid but not this size I handled out fifth grade I remember my mama got me that for Christmas I thought I was a man came with the special box and all of that and it’s good stuff Sammy size 3 seeing these Brett their teens I need this in my size also bred 13s these are not the oh jeez these are the 2004 model I have oh jeez for him in size 17 as well as the 2004 – I seven see also these are three see right then another player bred Elevens.
you guys saw my last video .

I have I don’t even know I lost count of how many big red Elevens I have it’s my favorite baby shoes all sewn up I picked it up size 3 c3 my niece Burt Elevens hit me up I don’t mind setting up here – you know they’re pretty hard to find you go these are from 2001 I have the OGS also in my other video if you guys want to check that out oh gee beretta Levinson those I got two pairs of count cords here these are a size 3 C and these are 7c these are the new release from last year 2011 and these are the pair from 2000 that’s why you can see there’s a difference difference in the older peers as you can see in the breads is that they have laces ,jordan 11 china,the new appears have this elastic band which I do not like so these are a size 3 see they’re brand new they have a bit early yellowing on the midsole and on the bottom sole but I’m gonna fix that up I could whiten up the midsole here and that’s because the shoe is 12 years old now it has the Concord Jumpman which is pretty cool the new one doesn’t have that which is it has laces which I like 23 on the side brand-new and then recent release size 7 see about these bigger so my little guy could grow into them when he gets it his size he’s a size 3 see right now so any one of these here you really could wear I don’t think I’ll let him wear these pathologies just cuz yeah but um yeah yes bunch of these so already in a 3c also so I actually yes 3 breads in his eyes 3c he has this one here’s another one that’s just like this and he has the OG Pierre which is a 3c also Conchords Conchords.

what I don’t have and I said in my last video.
I don’t have an OG p of cool gray Elevens have a retro pay a bunch of retro pays of cool girl evans for my son I wanna oh gee Pierre because it has the laces that have space shams I have Columbia’s I have Conchords now OG or not OG put the ones with laces so I’m looking for a cool gray pair so if anybody got hit me up .

I got a lot of stuff I could trade you know hit me up anyway that’s that uses just some recent pickups for the little guy alright let me know what you think anybody’s interested in kicks you know baby kicks let me help check out my video you could always work out something a trade or sell I got a bunch I could spare anything all right take care guys peace and blessings god bless take care

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